Thank you Mexico & hello Europe – first 2024 dates announced!


Catch us live in 2024!

Upcoming Dates below!

New Single “Be Fine” OUT NOW! Listen on Spotify

“I wanna take youI slap my face to feel a thing / it’s all a mess and i dive in / But i’ll be fine

Between fear of the future, capitalist pressure to perform and self-optimization mania, it is often not easy to remain optimistic and find meaning in the whole daily hustle that fills a young life. Produced with Wolfgang Möstl and Jakob Heher, the song also makes pop hearts beat faster and invites you to dance the night away with its groovy, cheeky, distorted guitar. When the joyful, frustrated sing-along gets the neighbors knocking to ask where this energetic euphoria comes from at four in the morning (and whether anyone can take a leaf out of their book), it becomes clear: summer can still be good after all.

You can listen and buy it on all common platforms!

Foto: Sade Jerabek

On July 22 we support Paolo Nutini at Frischluft Open Air in Linz!

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Recap 2023: After our Europe Tour and a full festival summer we were hitting Mexican stages!

“I wanna take you there, come along with me somewhere”

In 2023 we played over 30 shows in 9 different countries. Thanks for coming to our shows and singing along with us, we can’t wait to see you again in the next year!

We thank the Austrian Cultural Forum / Foro cultural de Austria, Circuit Cervantino and Giovanna Assim for the support on our trip through Mexico.

Design: Julia Haberlik


Album Cover "Wanna Take You There"

Listen & buy “Wanna Take You There” now!

The new album “Wanna Take You There”, released in October 2022, is a continuation of the band’s history, a testimony to musical coalescence and an expression of newly learned ways of working during the pandemic. As usual, varied but true to the unmistakable DIVES sound, light-footed but self-confident. 

Shows & Tickets

“A melodic, harmony-driven slice of laid back, surfer indie-guitar.” Louder Than War

“Teenage angst has paid off well, DIVES are now ready to have it all.” Guitar Girl Mag

“Catchy, vigorous surf-pop.” – Nothing But Hope & Passion

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Artwork by Martina Lajzcak & Sarah Podbelsek


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Upcoming Shows

2024-07-22 AT – Linz, FrischLuft Open Air (supporting Paolo Nutini) 
2024-08-25 AT – Alpbach, Europäisches Forum Alpbach
2024-08-31 AT – Behamberg, Raccoon Festival 
2024-09-07 CZ – tba, Olomouc
2024-09-14 TR – tba
2024-09-15 TR – tba
2024-12-12 AT – Wien, Flucc Wanne

More upcoming shows 2024 will be announced soon! 

Past Shows

2024-05-19 DE – Slow Club, Freiburg
2024-05-18 DE – Open Ohr Festival, Mainz
2024-05-16 DE – Milla Club, München + Support: Cousines Like Shit
2024-05-03 CZ – United Islands of Prague Festival, Prague
2024-04-26 AT – Volkstheater, Wien: Amadeus Austrian Music Awards
2024-03-23 AT – Wien, Sinnesrauschen @ Haus der Musik
2024-03-22 AT – Feldbach, K4
2024-01-13 AT – Wien, Winterfest @ Belvedere21 (Eintritt frei)
2023-12-07 AT – Wiener Neustadt, MÄX
2023-12-02 AT – Wien, WUK An.schläge Geburtstagsparty
2023-11-15 HR – Zagreb, Euroapavox Festival @ Močvara
2023-10-28 MX – Mexico City, Bajo Circuita
2023-10-19 MX – Parral, Festival Internacional de Chihuahua
2023-10-16 MX – Morelia, Unam Cultural Center
2023-10-15 MX – Irapuato, Festival de las culturas
2023-10-14 MX – Guanjuato, Festival Cervantino
2023-09-09 IT – Brixen, Astra
2023-09-08 AT – Wien, Reindorfgassenfest
2023-08-26 AT – Feistritz ob Bleiburg, Fuzzstock Open Air
2023-08-18 AT – Saalfelden, Jazzfestival
2023-08-10 AT – Melk, Wachauarena
2023-07-25 AT – Feldkirch, Poolbar Festival
2023-07-07 AT – Sisters Festival, Arena Wien Open Air
2023-07-01 AT – Hallein b. Salzburg, Stadtfest
2023-05-13 UK - The Great Escape Festival, Brighton, Prince Albert
2023-05-11 UK - The Great Escape Festival, Brighton, Latest Music Bar
2023-05-06 UK – Wrexham, Focus Wales Festival, The Parish
2023-05-05 UK – Wrexham, Focus Wales Festival, The Fat Boar
2023-04-15 AT – Wien, Konzerthaus
2023-04-20 AT – Innsbruck, P.M.K.
2023-04-21 AT – Hard, Kammgarn
2023-04-22 DE – Freiburg, Slow Club
2023-04-23 CH – Aarau, Kiff
2023-04-25 CH – Thun, Mokka
2023-04-27 FR – Paris, Supersonic (free entry!)
2023-04-29 LUX – Esch-Alzette, Out of the Crowd Festival
2023-04-30 DE – Karlsruhe, Kohi
2023-03-25 AT - Vöcklabruck, OKH
2022-11-03 AT - Klagenfurt, Kammerlichtspiele (Album Release Show)
2022-11-04 AT - Salzburg, ARGE Kultur (Album Release Show)
2022-11-05 AT - Wien, WUK (Album Release Show)
2022-11-10 DE - Nürnberg, MUZ Club (Album Release Show)
2022-11-12 DE - Bayreuth, Glashaus (Album Release Show)
2022-11-13 DE - Berlin, Badehaus (Album Release Show)
2022-11-14 DE - Hamburg, Molotow (Album Release Show)
2022-11-16 DE - Bremen, Lagerhaus (Album Release Show)
2022-11-17 DE - Köln, Bumann & Sohn (Album Release Show)
2022-11-18 DE - Mainz, SchonSchön (Album Release Show)
2022-11-19 DE - Stuttgart, Merlin (Album Release Show)
2022-11-20 DE - München, Milla (Album Release Show)
2022-10-28 AT - Graz, Orpheum (Album Release Show)
2022-10-27 AT - Linz, Stadtwerkstatt (Album Release Show)
2022-08-19 AT - Innsbruck, Alles Gute Festival  
2022-08-12 AT - Bildein, Picture On Festival 
2022-07-30 AT - Wien, Popfest
2022-07-15 AT - Fels am Wagram, Sommerzeitfels Festival
2022-07-09 DE - Fürth, Fürth im Übermorgen Festival
2022-07-08 DE - Plothener See, Petrolettes Open Air
2022-06-26 AT - Premstätten bei Graz, STERRRN Festival
2022-05-21 DE - Chemnitz, Fuego a la Isla Festival
2022-04-30 AT - Ternitz, Kulturkeller
2022-04-29 AT - Wels, Alter Schlachthof
2021-10-19 AT - Wien, Radio Kulturhaus
2021-10-21 AT - Grein an der Donau, Stadtkino
2021-09-03 AT - Mannheim, Maifeld Derby
2021-09-03 AT - Wien, Wuk (+ Culk)
2021-08-28 DE - Schwabmünchen, Singoldsand Festival
2021-08-27 DE - Schwabmünchen, Singoldsand Festival
2021-08-21 AT - Wien, Donauinsel Fest: Bus-Tour
2021-08-20 AT - Breitenbrunn, Seebad
2021-08-13 CZ - Pilsen, Inspiral Garden
2021-08-14 DE - Trier, Villa Waller
2021-08-15 DE - Nürnberg, Z-Bau
2021-07-30 AT - Ried, Kik Open Air
2021-07-07 DE - Esslingen am Neckar, Parklücke Festival
2021-06-07 CH - Lausanne, Festival de la Cite´
2021-07-05 DE - Heidelberg, Breidenbach Studios
2021-07-04 DE - Offenbach, Hafen 2 Open Air
2021-07-03 LU - Esch-Sur-Alzette Braderie Urbaine @ Kulturfabrik 
2021-06-11 AUT - Klagenfurt, Lendspiel Open Air
2021-06-03 AUT - Wien, Neu Marx Baulückenkonzert
2020-10-23 AUT – Wien, Wuk (+ Pure Chlorine, Dua Plicity)
2020-06-19 AUT – Wien, Fluc
2020-07-25 AUT – Wien, Kultursommer
2020-09-18 AUT – Weiz, KuKuK Festival
2020-09-19 AUT – Wien, Bohemian Pleasures
2020-05-09 online – Europavox Europe Music Day
2020-02-22 AUT – Graz, Forum Stadtpark
2020-02-21 AUT – Salzburg, Arge
2020-02-08 AUT – Hard, Kammgarn
2020-02-07 GER – Freiburg, Swamp
2020-02-06 CHE – Baden, One of A Million Festival
2020-02-05 GER – Augsburg, Soho Stage
2020-01-18 GER – Stuttgart, Merlin 
2020-01-16 NED – Groningen, Eurosonic (Huis de Beurs) 
2020-01-15 GER – Köln, Bumann & Sohn 
2020-01-14 GER – Hannover, Café Glocksee 
2020-01-13 GER – Hamburg, Hafenklang 
2020-01-11 GER – Jena, Rosenkeller
2019-12-14 AUT – Linz, Stadtwerkstatt (+ Bad Weed)
2019-12-13 CH – Zürich, Zukunft
2019-12-12 GER – München, Milla
2019-12-11 GER – Regensburg, OTH Regensburg @ Campusfest Winteredition
2019-12-07 SWE – Göteborg, Viva Sounds
2019-12-06 GER – Berlin, Badehaus
2019-12-05 GER – Leipzig, Ilses Erika (+ Jolly Goods)
2019-12-04 GER – Nürnberg, MUZ
2019-11-29 AUT – Wolfsberg, Container25 (+Good Cop)
2019-11-23 AUT – Fluc Wien // Album Release + Afterparty
2019-11-03 SER – Novi Sad, Kulturni Centar LAB
2019-11-02 SER – Belgrad, MKC Kombinat
2019-11-01 SER – Kragujevac, Kulturni centar UMMUS
2019-10-31 HUN – Szeged, Jazz Kocsma
2019-09-05 AUT – Prag, Lucerna Music Bar w/ Courtney Barnett
2019-09-04 AUT – Wien, Flex w/Courtney Barnett
2019-08-31 AUT – Wien, Volksstimmefest
2019-08-25 GER – Dresden, Annenmaykantereit & Freunde
2019-07-13 AUT – Wien, Venster Girls_Rockcamp Soliparty
2019-06-13 AUT – Wien, Mumok, MQ Sommereröffnung
2019-06-10 GER – München, Theatron Pfingstfestival
2019-05-30 AUT – Wien, Ballhausplatz w/Vengaboys
2019-05-26 AUT – Wien, Donaukanaltreiben
2019-05-25 AUT – Eisenstadt, C’est la Mü-Festival
2019-05-11 AUT – Vöcklabruck, Offenes Kunst- und Kulturhaus (+Sluff)
2019-03-31 ITA – Verona, Red Zone Art Bar
2019-03-30 SLO – Ajdovscina, Klub Baza
2019-03-29 SLO – Gornja Radgona Wock Rock Max Cafe
2019-03-28 SLO – Ljubljana, Kino Siska
2019-03-21 AUT – Graz, Diagonale Graz
2019-02-09 AUT – Kirchdorf, Urlgschnas
2018-12-14 AUT – Wien, Chelsea (+ Sluff)
2018-11-22 AUT – Wels, Youki – Alter Schlachthof (+ la sabotage)
2018-11-08 FRA – Nantes, Stereolux (+Leyya, CariCari)
2018-11-04 GER – München, Unter Deck
2018-11-02 GER – Berlin, Monarch
2018-11-01 GER – Chemnitz, Lokomo
2018-10-31 GER – Nürnberg, K4
2018-10-30 GER – Passau, Zauberberg
2018-10-07 GER – Hannover, Osco
2018-10-06 GER – Hamburg, Hafenklang
2018-10-05 GER – Kassel, Stellwerk
2018-10-04 GER – Freiburg, Swamp
2018-10-03 GER – Stuttgart, Merlin
2018-10-02 AUT – Linz, Stadtwerkstatt
2018-09-29 AUT – Wien, Waves Festival
2018-09-19 GER – Hamburg, Reeperbahnfestival, Indra
2018-08-30 GER – Köln, c/o pop
2018-08-18 GER – Dornstadt, Obstwiesenfestival
2018-08-17 AUT – Eisenerz, Rostfest
2018-08-16 GER – Berlin, Pop-Kultur, Frannz Club
2018-07-28 AUT – Stockenboi, Woodstockenboi
2018-07-26 AUT – Wien, Popfest, Seebühne
2018-07-18 AUT – Feldkirch, Poolbar
2018-07-14 AUT – Schlierbach, Rock im Dorf
2018-06-13 GER – Dresden, Ostpol (+ L.A. Witch)
2018-06-12 CZE – Prag, Kasarna Karlin (+ L.A. Witch)
2018-06-11 AUT – Wien, Arena (+ L.A. Witch)
2018-06-09 GER – München, Milla (+ L.A. Witch)
2018-06-02 AUT – Kleinreifling, Seewiesenfest
2018-05-30 AUT – Wien, B72
2018-05-09 AUT – Innsbruck, Treibhaus (+ Clara Luzia)
2018-05-05 MKD – Skopje, Festival – Првопаженско 6 / Youth Cultural Center
2018-04-30 AUT – Graz, Sub
2018-03-31 AUT – Wr. Neustadt, Triebwerk
2018-03-23 AUT – Wien, Flex
2018-03-13 AUT – Wien, Gasometer (+ Franz Ferdinand)
2018-03-08 AUT – Linz, Posthof (+ Bilderbuch)
2018-03-07 AUT – Salzburg, Republic (+ Bilderbuch)
2018-02-23 AUT – Linz, Kapu (+ Baits)
2018-01-19 AUT – Wien, Cafe Stadtbahn
2017-12-30 AUT – Graz, Tweety Party
2017-12-02 GER – Berlin, 8mm Bar
2017-12-01 GER – Leipzig, Tiff
2017-11-29 GER – München, Milla
2017-11-25 AUT – Graz, Sub
2017-11-18 AUT – Wien, Fluc
2017-10-20 AUT – Linz, Willy*fred (+ Aivery)
2017-08-05 AUT – Wolfsberg, Container25
2017-07-29 AUT – Kumberg, Bondage upyours
2017-06-14 AUT – Wien, AU
2017-05-28 AUT – Wien, Ute Bock Cup
2017-05-05 AUT – Wien, Flex Café
2017-03-22 AUT – Graz, Sub
2017-02-15 AUT – Wien, dasBach
2017-02-10 AUT – Linz, Stadtwerkstadt
2016-12-30 AUT – Graz, Tweety Party
2016-11-11 AUT – Wien, Arena Dreiraum (+L.A. Witch)
2016-10-22 AUT – Wien, Rhiz
2016-10-08 AUT – Wien, Venster
2016-09-09 AUT – Linz, Ann and Pat
2016-09-02 AUT – Graz, Sub
2016-07-16 AUT – Wien, Rhiz


Pressphoto Dives by Maria Haefner
by Marie Haefner

DIVES ist eine Band aus Wien, Österreich, bestehend aus Dora de Goederen (Schlagzeug), Tamara Leichtfried (Gitarre, Gesang) und Viktoria Kirner (Bass, Gesang). Seit sie sich 2015, teilweise ohne jegliche Instrumentenkenntnisse, bei einer Musikwoche für Frauen, inter und trans Personen, dem Pink Noise Camp, kennengelernt haben, standen sie regelmäßig gemeinsam als DIVES im Proberaum und haben mit ihrem niederschwelligen und autodidaktischen Zugang zur Musik schnell viel Aufmerksamkeit in der Szene erregt: Seit ihrer Gründung spielten DIVES rund 180 Konzerte in 16 verschiedenen Ländern, tourten mit L.A. Witch und Courtney Barnett, eröffneten das Wiener Popfest, spielten auf namhaften Branchenfestivals (The Great Escape, Eurosonic, Festival Internacional Cervantino, Reeperbahn Festival, c/o pop), eröffneten für diverse etablierte internationale Acts (Franz Ferdinand, AnnenMayKantereit, Bilderbuch,..) – und bauten sich gleichzeitig eine riesige Basis-Fangemeinde in beliebten Underground- sowie namhaften Locations auf (Monarch Berlin, Konzerthaus Wien). Im April 2022 spielten DIVES live für NPR’s World Cafe bei einer speziellen Vienna Session. Später im Jahr veröffentlichte das Trio seine zweite LP, mit der es wieder durch verschiedene Städte in Europa tourte. Ende 2023 tourte die Band durch Mexiko, da sie eingeladen wurden, mehrere Konzerte auf dem größten Festival Lateinamerikas, dem Festival Internacional Cervantino, zu spielen. DIVES veröffentlichte eine EP, ein Debütalbum und ihr zweites Album über Siluh Records.

DIVES is a band from Vienna, Austria, consisting of Dora de Goederen (drums), Tamara Leichtfried (guitar,vocals) and Viktoria Kirner (bass,vocals). After they got to know each other in 2015, partly without any instrumental knowledge, at an empowering music week for women, inter and trans people they were regularly in the rehearsal room together as DIVES and quickly attracted a lot of attention in the music scene with their low-threshold and self-taught approach to music: Since their foundation, DIVES have played around 180 concerts in 16 different countries, toured with L.A. Witch and Courtney Barnett, headlined Viennese Popfest, played big name industry festivals (The Great Escape, Eurosonic, Festival Internacional Cervantino, Reeperbahn Festival, c/o pop) and supported various established international artists (Franz Ferdinand, AnnenMayKantereit, Bilderbuch,..) – whilst also building a huge grassroot fanbase playing beloved underground venues as well as well known venues (Konzerthaus Vienna). In April 2022 DIVES performed live for NPR´s World Cafe at a special Vienna Session. Later that year the trio released their second LP, with which they were touring various cities in Europe again. At the end of 2023 the band toured Mexico, as they were invited to play several concerts at the biggest Festival in Latin America, the Festival Internacional Cervantino. DIVES released an EP, a debut album and their second album via Siluh records.


Wanna Take You There

Album 2022


Mint + White

Teenage Years Are Over

Debut Album 2019


Debut EP 2017

Siluh Laden

Play the ‘Legend of DIVES – Mortal Burger Kombat’ Online Game!

Realized by Kinaya Studios, released alongside the Single “BURGER” in 2021.


Ego | Video: Clemens Niel

Ego | Video: Clemens Niel
Streets | Video: Pola Fendel
Burger | Video: Sarah Kreuz
Stay Right Here | Video: Maria Otter
100 Times (Video/Single Release), June 2020 | Video: Kevin Pham
Chico (Video/Single Release), August 2019 | Video: Kevin Pham
Waiting (Video/Single Release), Oktober 2018 | Video: Kevin Pham
Tomorrow (Video/Single Release), März 2018 | Video: Bounty.Studio
Shrimp (Video/Single Release), September 2017 | Video: Diana Andrei, Sara Maurer feat. DIVES






Wanna Take You There















Teenage Years Are Over

FM4 November 2019
WIENER ZEITUNG November 2019
DER STANDARD December 2019
VOLUME.AT November 2019
MUSIKEXPRESS November 2019



Germany/Europe: pøj pøj | friedhelm@pojpoj.com
Austria: Giovanna Fartacek | giovanna@assim-live.com
Other: dives@gmx.at

Label & Publisher

Siluh Records | hi@siluh.com


dives@gmx.at | facebook | instagram | bandcamp | TikTok

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